Location Name: Entrance to the Academy

Entrance to the Academy
You stand in the entrance hall of the academy. This is where most young
adventurers start their careers and learn the skills and wisdom they will need
in the years ahead. The room is almost entirely polished wood, from the walls
and furniture to the floor beneath your feet. A wide archway leads into another
hall to the west, whilst another archway leads out of the academy southwards.
Two smaller doors are in the north and east walls, but you cannot reach the
northern exit due to a large wooden counter. Tempting aromas drift to you from
the east however.
Obvious exits: south east west
A small bell
The lord of this land is <PLAYER NAME>.

People and Creatures Found Here

Training master
Description of NPC:
This is the training master of the academy, who teaches all the young students
the arts of attack and defence. He is dressed in old fashioned leather armour
which creaks as he moves, and his skin is almost as leathery. You heard he
doesn't speak to students unless he has something to tell them, so it would
be best to wait for him to notice you.

Elderly gentleman:
Description of NPC:
You ring the bell, and it makes a tinkling noise.
The elderly gentleman pokes his head around the door.

A plump cook
Description of NPC:
This cook is wearing a dirty white apron, stained with congealed grease. He is rather plump, and sweating quite heavily in the hot, steam filled kitchens. He appears to be busy preparing dinner for the academy students, so you don't really want to interrupt him.

Items of Interest

The purpose of the Academy is to introduce new players to commands of which will assist them in game.
It also helps feed the new person by a quest and gives the person the ability to learn.